Manufacturing facilities

Our Manufacturing facilities are set-up keeping in mind the world class quality standards. We have 5 Mfg. Units. 3 in Baddi, 1 in Panchkula & 1 in Ludhiana Distt.


Facility Details: Covered Area -production – 110000 square feet Dedicated HVACs for different blocks. Epoxy Flooring in Sterile Areas. Puff panels for Clav section.

Product Details: Injections (Dry & Liquid), Beta & Clav Tablets, Dry Syrups and General tablets


Facility Details: Covered Area -Production 40000 square feet. Dedicated HVACs for different blocks Epoxy flooring at all required areas

Product Details: General Tablets, Capsules, Liquid Syrups , Soft Gelatin Capsules ( coming up )


Facility Details:Covered Area -Production 24000 square feet

Product Details: Herbal syrups, Oils and Cosmetics


Facility Details: Covered area production 45000 square feet deticated HVACs . Puff panels a t all blocks

Product Details: Injection & Liquid Syrup


Facility Details: Covered area 18000 square feet

Product Details: API